Birth Workers

is my Jam

You don't have to do it all....

...Let me do some of it for you..

In the demanding and emotionally charged field of birth work, managing the administrative and organizational aspects of your practice can be overwhelming. Your primary focus should be on providing compassionate care and support to families during one of the most significant times in their lives. 

This is where I come in...

I support you by taking on tasks that happen in the background. By delegating these essential but demanding tasks, you gain the freedom to fully immerse yourself in your passion for birth work, ensuring that each family receives your undivided attention and expertise. 

Who am I?


I’m a seasoned executive assistant with 15 years of experience and a passion for all things organized. From managing schedules to coordinating projects, I’m adept at juggling tasks and ensuring smooth operations. In addition to assisting, I’ve spent 5 years as bookkeeper, balancing budgets, and reconciling accounts. Throughout all of my “corporate” life, I’ve truly loved working freelance as a graphic designer, curating logos & branding and creating websites for family and friends.


I’ve been asked often, WHY do I love to support birth workers? Why not become a doula or midwife? Or, there are so many other communities or niches I could work with… why this one?

There isn’t a short answer to that. As a kid, I loved watching “A Birth Story” on TLC. I was endlessly curious about pregnancy, giving birth, and life with a baby. Even as a young person, I knew there was beauty and strength in that process.


Now, I have my own “babies”. One beautiful boy, two losses, and then our independent pandemic girl came along. Throughout my experience, I was inspired and in awe of the amazing humans that selflessly support pregnant people with so much patience, empathy and kindness.


 And so, I decided to be a part of the community in the background, supporting your business. Taking my experience working in corporations, and my passion for creativity, I started Àine so that Doulas, Midwives, Lactation Consultants and others can keep doing what they love, keep their passion and continue giving the quality of care that they are known for.


And I love helping you do what you love.

My Work

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